Kiran Gangadharan

An Eventful September

· Kiran Gangadharan

Looking back at September, it’s probably been one of the most happening months for me in this year. Well, at least technically. I will try and recollect some bits from the eventlog here.

* Hypothetically considering that PyCon India 2013 happened in this month, it was a great experience. From attending as a participant last year to becoming a volunteer this year, it’s been a hell of a difference in terms of how you would enjoy an event from a different perspective. It was an awesome 4 days in Bangalore meeting new people, making new friends, having technical discussions and the beautiful climate in Bangalore.

* Pycrumbs, a repo I created on github, to collect and organise some good reads on Python, made it to the top trending repositories for 3 consecutive days, which made me amongst the top trending developers for those 3 days as well ! It’s not so much of an achievement according to me, but it sure does feel good ! =)

* I made my first contribution to Gittip. I liked the idea of thanking developers using weekly tips and thus wanted to help out in their mission, in any way possible. I ended up learning a lot about what an open company is and the pros/cons behind running one. Also, Chad was incredibly friendly and helped me along the way in every way he could. I sure do feel good about giving back and look forward to doing more of that.

* Well, I don’t really know if this is something to brag about, but I had to reject another good job opportunity. Though it’s sad, considering the fact that I do get such opportunities, despite me not being a “rockstar” or “ninja” developer, it does feel good that I do get them. I am truly grateful.

* Anand.B.Pillai (president of PSSI) handed over the role of administering the bangpypers mailing list. Well, that came in from nowhere ! I’m incredibly grateful to him for considering me as a candidate for the same. About time I started learning and improving the Python community in India.

* Gave my first workshop on Python at SSN College of Engineering in Chennai. It was an truly adventurous day. I ended up having a short technical discussion with the HOD(Head of Department) of CSE followed by a nice and fun filled talk about Python programming language with around 30 students of the campus. I also made a couple of friends down there. And not to forget the beautiful campus. A day well spent.

Here’s to hoping for even better months in the future ! =)