Kiran Gangadharan

Books I read in 2015

Recommended for: Everyone. This should definitely be on everyone’s reading list. No excuses.

Recommended for: folks who’ve never put serious thought into the writings in religious scriptures. This book teaches you the need for thinking for yourself.

Recommended for: fans of Hacker Fiction. Though the writing is writing plain, the inner geek in me was excited throughout the book.

Recommended for: folks who want to understand how we and the fauna around us evolved genetically to be what we are today.

Recommended for: anyone interested in programming and geek culture.

Recommended for: anyone who wants to know Elon Musk’s personality and character

Recommended for: advice/ideas on living a minimalistic life. I’d been following Leo Babauta’s blog for a while, and decided to give this book a read. Picked a lot of good things from here.

Recommended for: space/science enthusiasts. Being a space science enthusiast myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Recommended for: fanboys of John Carmack. It is a good read for any tech enthusiast in general.

Recommended for: Everyone. My favorite book of this year.

Recommended for: fans of detective/murder mystery fiction. This was the first book of J.K Rowling that I’d read (apart from Harry Potter). Though it felt a bit draggy in the middle, things were wrapped up well towards the end. I’m looking forward to read the sequel sometime soon next year.

That’s it for 2015! I’m looking forward to read even more in the upcoming year.